Prinzen Rolle Cremys TVC Development

Moving image by KloseDetering for new product by DeBeukelaer

Crunchy biscuit and delicate nougat spread: Our new TV ad for “Cremys” lets people experience Prinzen Rolle like never before. With the innovative new product by Griesson – de Beukelaer Prinzen Rolle is to become even more attractive for more mature connoisseurs.

Filled with irresistible cream, Prinzen Rolle Cremys is great for crunching, dipping and flipping. Our commercial shows many different eating rituals. Sympathetic young people discover Prinzen Rolle Cremys — each in his own playful way. It becomes clear: You can enjoy the new Prinzen Rolle Cremys in any way you want.

From KW20, the 15″ TVC for Prinzen Rolle Cremys will run on high reach channels. There also is a 7″ version for TV as well as a 6” version for social media, which will be used as a bumper ad pre- and mid-roll on Youtube as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, all variants include the new Prinzen Rolle sound logo developed by KloseDetering. Also, we develop online advertising for the accompanying online campaign such as attractive pageskins.

The spot was realized in cooperation with Optix Film Production GmbH. Special effects by Effectiv team SFX GmbH. Tim Stoffel again was the director of choice.

The TVC for “Cremys” is the fourth time that KloseDetering presents Prinzen Rolle on television. Previously, we created spots and clips for Prinzen Rolle, Prinzen Rolle Black and White and the new Prinzen Rolle packaging.

See the clip and read all about Prinzen Rolle Cremys in our case.