Black and white thinking well done

A launch campaign in two steps

The background

Black and white sweet pastry is very trendy. Griesson de Beukelaer launches a new product: Prinzen Rolle BLACK AND WHITE.

Our task

Development of a two-stage TV campaign to introduce Prinzen Rolle BLACK AND WHITE:


1st announcement

2nd association with the brand world. WHITE.


Step 1: Striking announcement spot

Starting with the packaging, our 7 "teaser first penetrates the name BLACK AND WHITE and arouses curiosity about the product.

Step 2: Storytelling with packaging signals

The new product is intended to update the Prinzen Rolle brand, charge it and make it attractive to new target groups.

In the second step, we combine BLACK AND WHITE with our umbrella brand campaign: this time, a supposed parking lot bully turns out to be a real prince in everyday life. The spot plays with the black / white styling of the packaging – thus ensuring maximum recognition value at the POS.

A motto that sticks

"Kiss me, I'm a prince!" – we use the familiar phrase from the fairy tale for the brand. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities for online measures and always pays back to Prinzen Rolle.