Now it's getting tasty

How to revitalize a traditional brand

The background

The family-owned company KRÜGER is the expert for soluble beverage specialties. But market research showed: The brand KRÜGER had a fussy, shopwornimage and remained behind its possibilities. That would change.

Our task

Unleashing the potential of the KRÜGER brand with a relaunch:

  • new brand strategy
  • new positioning
  • new assortment structure
  • new brand claim
  • new brand logo
  • new packaging designs for the complete range

With enjoyment to success: the new strategy

What's in the brand? We worked out KRÜGER’s DNA. Enjoyment competence, variety and lust for life became the basis for a new, modern brand positioning.

Knowing who enjoys what: the assortment strategy

How do the consumers orient themselves? With clearly differentiated assortment columns, we brought order into the huge product range. Consumer-personas developed by us helped to illustrate what was required from the individual columns and associated communication.
KloseDetering Werbeagentur Relaunch Markenpositionierung krueger
KloseDetering Werbeagentur Relaunch Markenpositionierung krueger
KloseDetering Werbeagentur Relaunch Markenpositionierung krueger

Irresistibly attractive: the packaging design

How do you come out on top on the shelf? With our packaging relaunch for the entire product range, we gave KRÜGER a completely new presence at the POS. Fresh, modern designs and highly appetizing product images significantly upgraded both products and brand and made them stand out from the competition.
The clearly differentiated design language of the assortment columns made it easier for consumers to orient themselves at the shelf.

The newly developed KRÜGER logo and the new slogan "Now it's getting tasty" kept the brand together across the ranges.

An appearance that inspires everyone: the communication

How do you convince on all channels? Our attractive communication brought the new KRÜGER to life: Sales and POS materials, trade fair designs and commercial displays convinced retailers. Consumer advertisements and measures inspired consumers.

Critical to success: The guidelines we developed as lead agency were extended to all online and offline channels. With a clear approach, modern design and highly appetizing images, the new KRÜGER made you want to enjoy it everywhere.