Naturally irresistible

How we inspire consumers for a completely new product

The background

With "Uncle Cracker", DeBeukelaer wanted to introduce a new sub-brand for savory biscuits. The first product: a completely new type of wholegrain snack.

Our task

  • Positioning, design and building of the brand "Uncle Cracker"
  • Positioning for the new product "Uncle Cracker NatSnacks"
  • Packaging design for "Uncle Cracker NatSnacks"
  • Trade communication (Salesbox, Salesfolder, LZ-Anzeige)
  • Web site development for Uncle Cracker NatSnacks
  • Development of a TV commercial for "Uncle Cracker NatSnacks"
KloseDetering Werbeagentur Uncle Cracker NatSnacks

Naturally trendy: the story

Naturalness is fully in line with the trend. That's why we built up the brand and product story around the cheerful farmer "Uncle Cracker". Salty snacks made from natural ingredients are his passion – just like NatSnacks: the 100% natural alternative to chips.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur  Uncle Cracker NatSnacks

No snacker can resist this pack

To convince consumers in the brightly colored crisp-shelf, natural snacks have to stand out. That's why for NatSnacks we put great emphasis on vibrant colors and created a great deal of appetite with a modern design and a natural look.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Uncle Cracker NatSnacks Verpackungsdeisgn

How to 100% make the shelf: trade communication

We enthused the trade for Uncle Cracker NatSnacks: with a highly attractive sales box, including an oversized sales folder and a convincing LZ-ad.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Uncle Cracker NatSnacks Salesbox und Folder

Web appearance with the right flavor

For the website we employed the packaging design, resulting in a tasty online setting for both brand and product.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Online Webdesign Uncle Cracker NatSnacks

Spectacular spot, enthusiastic consumer

The fact that NatSnacks are a totally new kind of snack is dramatized in our TV commercial with an elaborate mix of live action and CG animation.