Shining example for successful commercial advertising

A campaign that excites sellers and consumers

The background

Sharp launches a new generation of televisions: AQUOS with full LED backlighting. When marketing the devices, the specialized trade is the most important partner.

Our task

  • Development of an integrated campaign with high recognition at the POS
  • Convince the trade of additional opportunities through the new technology
  • Position Sharp as LED technology leader
  • Strengthening the partnership with the specialized trade
  • Measures that enable retailers to convince customers, train salespeople and increase sales
  • Use low budget efficiently


For technical customers, the dealers of the specialized trade are important contact persons – and only if they understand the new product and are enthusiastic about it, they can also inspire customers. Through a staggered mailing, we have convinced them of AQUOS with Full LED.

In the first mailing, a product catalog and a sales folder dramatize the secret of the new generation of Sharp LCD TVs.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Handelskampagne Print Mailing Sharp

The second mailing contains all the background information about the new technology as well as important sales arguments.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Handelskampagne Print Mailing Sharp

Support for sellers

New products, new technologies – many questions: Just in time for the market launch, we give the right answers. With POS and training materials that help sellers convince with competence.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Handelskampagne Sharp

Pull-and-fold card: The trump sellers draw when it comes to explaining complicated technology in a straightforward way.

Fit for LED: In the style of "How and Why Wonder Books” we teach sellers everything they need to know about LED.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Handelskampagne Sharp

Illuminating: A handy reference book with the best sales arguments for Full LED from Sharp.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur Handelskampagne Sampling Anzeige Sharp