A brand conquers the world

Global branding for a medium-sized company

The background

Humana is one of the best-known baby food manufacturers in Germany. To conquer international markets, the brand should be realigned. The basis for the new appearance is a Global Insight Study, which provides insights into the needs of the target markets.

Our task

  • International reorientation of the Humana brand
  • Development of a new international trademark claim
  • Complete revision of the brand's appearance and CD
  • Establishment of an international toolkit for unified brand communication

Global Insights lead to new brand promises

In the Global Insight Study, mothers from all target markets were surveyed. The results showed how mothers in the various countries envision the ideal baby food. This led us to a new brand promise that will distinguish Humana from its competitors in the future.

New appearance

The new appearance is based on two design elements that we use for all advertising materials. The sunbeams of the Humana logo put the baby even more clearly into the center. At the same time, the newly integrated brandworld visualizes that Humana supports babies at every step of their natural evolution.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur strategische Kommunikation Humana

New keyvisual, new brandworld, new claim - the new appearance makes Humana more attractive in every way.

The new brand promise is also expressed in the new claim: "Humana - for mommy and me" is spoken from the perspective of the baby and anticipates the healthy development of the child. The claim indicates that the brand offers products for mother and child, while emphasizing a great appreciation of the mother.

KloseDetering Werbeagentur strategische Markenfuehrung Humana

International toolkit

In many countries, Humana's marketing is still in its infancy – correspondingly, the international brand identity has been inconsistent. Our advertising toolkit provides all content and tools to build a consistent image despite differences in cultural preferences.