Natural impulses in the biscuit shelf

Brand development DeBeukelaer Cereola

The background

More natural indulgence is becoming more and more important to consumers – even with sweets. To benefit from the trend, Griesson de Beukelaer continues to develop DeBeukelaer Cereola: The brand profile is to be strengthened and the range to be expanded to include new products for modern, mobile target groups.

Our task

  • Development of a new, differentiating brand concept for Cereola
  • Development of a new packaging design with a more natural look
  • Development of positioning, naming and packaging design for new products

Strong signals for more natural indulgence

Those looking for more natural indulgence enjoy DeBeukelaer Cereola with a good feeling. We stage the products in front of sunny cornfields and thus send out strong signals for naturalness, originality and enjoyment. Matte paper composite films strengthen the look and feel. The DeBeukelaer red ensures block formation on the shelf.

Irresistible news for conscious connoisseurs

Attractive new products allow consumers to enjoy Cereola at even more occasions: we develop differentiating product concepts, strong namings and attractive packaging designs.